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We are here to spread your love...


A husband and wife dynamic duo. Always be assured that the both of us will photograph and walk this path with you. 

We are Carlos & Kate, a couple of storytellers who are not only passionate about each other but also visually. We have been full-time photographers / videographers since 2015. We started travel photography while exploring the world for 3 years, portraying our adventures and the stories of those we met along the way. Lovers of stories with emotions and real people have decided to start NODE Creations to capture real moments and intimate connections.

Our style is authentic, natural and a little boho, we love everything about nature and simplicity. When we're not working, we do road trips along the coast to the sound of the queen, dive into the ocean at sunset, and eat vegan lasagna while planning our future. We love to travel and we will go everywhere to register your special moment and immortalize the light that shines within you.



(Digital Nomad, Fotographer, Videographer)

has the rhythm of life in his heart

If you fancy a good laugh, Miguel is the one for you! He makes everyone feel good, spreads happiness and makes sure that by the end of the day you are already good friends. He is the main filmmaker of NODE and focuses on your true essence and all the important details of your day as he captures your love story. Oh, and he's almost like an invisible man - he knows exactly how to do everything naturally and you won't even see him, you will just hear his jokes!

His passion and musical background make everything even more perfect as he brings your story to life in your own words and composes a beautiful symphony with all the visual recordings, inspiring voice over effects and unique sound design.


(Digital Nomad & Fotographer)

is passionate about all wild things

Patricia is all about deep conversation and raw emotion, she is a storyteller at heart and the main photographer on NODE. Patricia captures the most sincere and sincere moments of your day, editing all recordings and turning them into a thoughtful collection of memories. She is also the one who makes sure everything is on the right track for your day and even helps in dressing the bride or fixing the groom's hair if necessary.

Her passion for traveling in search of new stories makes her fearless and always ready for new adventures. Ah, she is also a personal development guru and sometimes it feels like she is reading your mind while everything is happening as you imagined it would!

She believes in nature more than anything else. She loves walking barefoot, fresh food from the earth, the smell of the rain and dips in the ocean, especially at sunset.

Professional skills: holistic health and alternative therapies, coaching & mentoring, community development, content creation (photography and storytelling).

Favorite travel experience: while exploring a non-tourist village of the Philippines, a group of 10 children took me by the hand because they wanted to show me their village, we walked together, danced, hugged each other and watched the sunset.

Flower 2.jpg

Together we are a team

Es geht nicht nur darum, schöne Fotos zu machen. Es geht darum, was ihr erlebt.

Do we feel like your kind of people?


Your are our main inspiration

what we offer

a transparent and authentic experience that truly celebrates your story and yourself as human being; resulting on epic images that respect you exactly as you are and eternalize your story.

what you can expect

sincere communication, a fun and relaxed environment and advice that only real friends give; we are here for you and to help you celebrate your special moment as you always imagined.

how we work

close to you, your story and what's really important; we'll get you comfortable in front of the camera, capturing the instant and making sure the final result represents everything you want.

Ckcreation- (833).jpg

When you get your final photos and videos, you'll

Receive images that really tell a story.

Your own story.

We capture the unexpected, candid emotions and in-between moments. Your final gallery will remind you of everything you felt on your day, with meaningful and intimate visuals. We'll give you images that showcase the location you intentionally picked out, enhance the personality of the people you're sharing your day with, and those little details that really speak to your heart.

Our purpose is to create timeless memories, getting you back to that special moment every time you watch the pictures and the film.

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